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Whether you’re a fleet manager, compliance officer, executive, sales director or delivery driver, you’ll find helpful information on the Smith System blog that you can immediately put to use. Learn about driver safety, new technology impacting our roadways, the latest safety stats, tips to make your fleet more efficient, changes in regulations and much more.  

Five Reasons You Should Implement a Distracted Driving Policy

Did you know that a driver going just 25 mph can travel the length of four football fields during the time it takes to enter an address into a navigation app? And navigation systems are just one of the many causes of distracted driving. Cell phones, radios, other in-vehicle technologies and eating can take drivers’…

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Distracted Driving: The Dangers of Infotainment and Navigation Systems

In-vehicle technology has come a long way to make driving more convenient and enjoyable. Elaborate navigation systems have transformed the way we drive, making it easier than ever to move between appointments more efficiently. And vehicle infotainment systems provide access to endless music and news with touchscreen convenience.  But with these new technologies has come a…

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Deaths from Crashes on the Rise Despite Advances in Safety Technology

Despite all the state and federal regulations and advances in vehicle safety technology, crashes — and related fatalities — continue to rise in the United States. Part of this increase can be attributed to lower gas prices and more cars and trucks on the road in general, but the most common causes of fatal crashes…

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The Importance of Behind-The-Wheel Training

When it comes to your fleet, safety isn’t just important — it’s essential. Making sure your drivers know the rules of the road and have the right behind-the-wheel training is every bit as critical as the meticulous maintenance of your vehicles. Safety is on the top of every good fleet manager’s mind, but when it…

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2015 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview

Traffic safety facts from the NHTSA

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Memphis Trucker Drives 5 Million Miles With No Accidents

YRC president Darren Hawkins is a believer in training drivers in the Smith System.

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