Drivers -

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As a driver of a vehicle covered by Smith System’s Driver Management programs, you can take advantage of the data generated in numerous ways.

Does your company have a fuel mileage incentive program? Use Smith360 to track your MPG fuel economy and research routes and driving styles that can maximize your return.

Is your pay tied to the completion of certain training courses? Use the LMS in KeySix to clearly show the courses you have completed, your certification status and the courses you need to take to be 100% compliant.

Do you have points on your drivers license? Use Smith360 and KeySix reports to show you the trends of your driving style and alter your approach accordingly.

Do you constantly speed and want to avoid another ticket? Use the audible alert built into Smith360 to warn you when you are traveling more than a certain percentage over the speed limit.

Do you need documentation of a safe driving record for promotion inside your company or as content for your resume? KeySix can document your entire history as a driver for your current organization.