Risk Manager -

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Risk Manager

Risk Manager

There are two types of corporate risk. The first comes from things you don’t know. The second is the result of ineffective action on what you do know. Smith System’s approach to driver management deals with both types of risk.

With Smith360 we apply telematics technology to measure the operation dynamics of every vehicle in your corporate fleet. By measuring acceleration, cornering, braking, and fuel economy we can tell you exactly how your drivers are treating their vehicles. With GPS location-based services, we can tell you exactly where they are. And the information flow does not stop there.

KeySix picks up where Smith360 leaves off. It documents the driving trends of every driver and assigns them a score. Then it aids your managers in assigning the types of training that can change behaviors and improve your levels of safety and vehicle longevity.

What do risk managers like most about KeySix? The answer is actionable data. You know that building a database is only a good idea if you have tools to act on the data it holds. If you see a driver license problem you need to fix it. If you see a trend of hazardous operation, you need to resolve it. Check out the resolution buttons within KeySix. They show that we have made this program an action-oriented tool — one that can be used to improve your safety trends and provide documented fact that you have done so.