Safety Trainer -

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Safety Trainer

Safety Trainer

Smith System’s Driver Management program gives Safety Trainers a set of powerful tools to simplify the administration of training and measure its effectiveness in changing drivers’ behaviors.

SmithSafe starts the program by providing observations from other drivers who are sharing the road with your company vehicles. Your training efforts not only keep your drivers safe, they also establish the reputation of your company on the road.

Smith360 then gives you an added level of sophistication in measuring training effectiveness. Now you can track the use of your company vehicles by collecting vehicle dynamics information like acceleration, harsh cornering, braking and fuel economy. By measuring your fleet before and after training, you’ll know what driving attributes are positive and which ones require additional training to improve.

Then move to KeySix to clearly show driver’s scores and assign training at the click of a button in KeySix’s integrated Learning Management System (LMS). With KeySix you can track every driver’s course completion and handle all of your course scheduling from a single cloud-based dashboard.