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Senior Management

Senior Management

As a senior executive, you are charged with the prudent investment of company dollars to generate a return. You need to know that the technology you are employing is worth the money it cost you to install. Smith System’s Driver Management tools are highly cost effective. We start with low cost simplicity with the SmithSafe decal program. Placing a decal on your vehicle’s bumper does two things:

  1. It tells the driver that the vehicle is identifiable by other drivers on the road. We know that simple fact changes driver behaviors appreciably; and
  2. It provides real-world observation of your vehicles and the opportunity to know that you have someone not properly protecting your reputation. Low-cost and high-value.

Smith360 is at the other end of the technological sophistication spectrum. It applies telematic-based sensors to measure acceleration, cornering, braking, fuel and power train health information to inform your fleet managers about the operating characteristics of every one of your vehicles.

KeySix then collects that data plus all necessary driver license and history information to establish a score for every driver. The scores are used to apply training through an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) so your training experts can assign training to change the behaviors of problem drivers. And it can all be tuned to your specific Human Resource procedures and policies.

Old school meets new school to bring you a new level of driver management efficiency and effectiveness