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First Responders

Safe driving behaviors are a matter of life and death.

Safe driving skills are imperative for first responders as they’re driving to and from emergencies. In fact, leaving a scene can be more distracting than getting to it because drivers and passengers are often distracted by talking about the emergency situation. Smith System driver safety training can help first responders stay focused while driving to or away from the site of an accident, injury or fire.

What Training Is Right for Me?


Keep your first responders safe with Smith System’s DriverDirect program. This course teaches drivers in the classroom and behind the wheel to prepare them for various situations they encounter on the road. We will handle the training scheduling and coordination and will travel to your location to make the process as convenient and easy as possible.

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First Responder driver safety training


For organizations with in-house driver trainers, the Smith System DriverTrainer course effectively equips your trainers with the knowledge and skills they need to keep your drivers safe. Trainers receive certification after completing an intensive four- or five-day course. Training sessions can be conducted at your location anywhere around the world for your convenience.

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It’s often difficult for drivers to carve out a day for safety training. Smith System’s e-learning can be the answer. These online courses are available for streaming wherever, whenever. Our interactive courses cover a wide range of topics, including distracted driving, drowsy driving, parking and backing, maneuvering in small spaces, proper following distance and more. While it cannot replace the value and effectiveness of behind-the-wheel training, SmithE-Learning℠ can help reinforce safe driving tactics.

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Advanced Backing

When your drivers are hurried and stressed, they’re more likely to crash — especially in close quarters or when backing up. Our Advanced Backing course can help your drivers master those all-important close-quarter maneuvering skills while under pressure. This full-day course includes blind area demonstrations, mirror positioning, a diminishing cone exercise, serpentine maneuvering, right-hand turns and backing when parking practice.

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Safety & Compliance Consulting

Keeping up with industry regulations can be complicated and frustrating. Fortunately, Smith System’s safety and compliance consulting can help you keep your fleet safe and your safety rating high. These classes are designed for fleet safety managers, driver managers, safety supervisors and administrative support personnel.

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