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Utility fleet managers face the dual concerns of keeping workers safe on the job — and on the road.

In the highly regulated world of utilities, safety is everyone’s top priority. When there’s a disruption in our water, electricity or gas, we rely on utility workers to restore them — fast. When disaster strikes, whether it’s natural or manmade, utility employees must respond quickly and safely. Smart driving habits are key.

What Training Is Right for Me?


The Smith System DriverDirect program is the most effective way to ensure safe driving throughout your utilities fleet. For hands-on learning, this course focuses on behind-the-wheel training and includes classroom instruction. To make implementation easier for you, Smith System will handle scheduling and coordinating classes, and our instructors will provide training at your location. If you make the choice to reduce fleet crashes, Smith System will handle the rest.

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Individual driver safety training for fleets
DriverTrainer driver safety training


If you have in-house driver trainers, Smith System can equip them to teach our life-saving crash-avoidance methods to your drivers. During this course, your trainers will learn how to identify each driver’s strengths and weaknesses and how to provide personalized, practical solutions to driver deficiencies.

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SmithE-Learning℠ is a convenient and cost-effective way to train your utilities fleet. While the most effective training comes from behind-the-wheel instruction, our interactive courses are an excellent way to reinforce safe driving techniques. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, SmithE-Learning is also a favored method for refreshing their driver safety knowledge.

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Online Driver Safety Training for Utilities Workers

Advanced Backing

Conservative crash statistics reveal that, per mile driven, reversing a vehicle can be more than 130 times more dangerous than driving forward. Keep your fleet safe with Smith System’s Advanced Backing course. Drivers will focus on backing, parking and close-quarter maneuvering techniques at this all-day course.

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Safety & Compliance Consulting

Smith System offers a range of services to keep your drivers safe and in compliance. We offer two-day and five-day DOT compliance courses for fleet safety managers, driver managers, safety supervisors and administrative support personnel. Our comprehensive safety services can help keep your drivers safe and your safety ratings high.

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