New DVDs Addressing Drowsy Driving, Driving Technology and The 5Keys®

Arlington, Texas – January 17, 2017 – Collisions from drowsy driving are on the rise. Driver assistance technology is becoming more prevalent, and The Smith5Keys® are as effective today as ever before. Smith System, the world leader in advanced driver training, is launching a series of new training DVDs to address these timely and relevant topics. Two new shows, Driving Drowsy and Driving Technology, along with a refresh of Smith System’s core method video Driving The 5Keys®, are now available on DVD and will be added to Smith System’s e-learning library soon.

“We want to keep our courses current, fresh, relevant and engaging to our viewers. Most people are not aware that driving while fatigued has the same cognitive effect as driving drunk or that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are meant to enhance and not replace safe and attentive driving. We thought it was the right time to refresh our proven Driving The 5Keys® video and use those skills to address these new concerns and help today’s drivers drive more safely,” said Tony Douglas, President & CEO for Smith System.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014 drowsy or fatigued driving accounted for almost 3% of fatal crashes. To address this growing concern, Smith System’s Driving Drowsy DVD is an important tool to raise awareness and educate drivers about the causes, effects and often fatal impact of driving while fatigue. The program also gives drivers the tools and information they need to combat fatigued or drowsy driving.

The Driving Technology DVD explores the features, function and advantages of nine current and two future ADAS technologies in use or soon to be adopted. The show also examines the possibility that, instead of using ADAS as an additional safeguard, some drivers may become overly reliant on these technologies, leading to less attentive driving. This DVD instructs viewers on how to use these technologies to supplement safe and attentive driving skills.

The Driving The 5Keys® DVD, an updated version of Smith System’s core driver safety video, uses real driver footage to illustrate the skills to create more time, space and visibility that helps prevent collisions.

To increase student engagement, Smith System took a fresh approach to make the shows more conversational, contemporary and engaging than other driver safety courses. Personable on-camera talent, upbeat pacing, convincing examples and authentic live-action ground-level and aerial footage combine to give students a more rewarding experience while elevating their knowledge retention. Students will gain a thorough understanding of some of the most common driving challenges and learn techniques for avoiding collisions utilizing The 5Keys®.

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