Smith System Launches Its First Video for Consumer Audiences

Arlington, Texas – April 05, 2018 –  For more than 65 years, Smith System has taught professional drivers how to be safer behind the wheel. Now, with the release of its newest video, Driving Family, the company is doing for families what it has done for some of the largest fleets in the world.

“This is the first time we’ve done something for consumers,” said Tony Douglas, president and CEO of Smith System. “One consistent theme we hear when a professional driver goes through Smith System training is, ‘How can I take this home to my children or spouse?’ So, we decided to create something that takes that culture of safety to the family.”

The 18-minute video uses the same principles and techniques that have made Smith System the leading provider of crash-avoidance driver safety training. For Driving Family, those techniques have been tailored to a consumer market and target some of the biggest issues threatening driver safety today, including:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Use of seat belts and car seats
  • Safer parking

Additionally, viewers learn how to prepare themselves (and their cars) for safety even before they get behind the wheel.

Smith5Keys® for Consumers

The video also teaches a consumer-friendly version of the Smith5Keys, which are the foundation of all Smith System programs.

The Smith5Keys are used to instill better driving habits, gain greater awareness about threats on the road (and how to react to them), and learning how to create enough time and space to make better decisions that can drivers help avoid crashes.

“Over time, people get comfortable with driving, and they don’t get any additional driver’s training,” Douglas said. “This year, there will be 40,000 deaths in the U.S. that are related to driving, hundreds of thousands more people will be injured, and another 40,000 will never fully recover from their injuries.”

The Driving Family video is designed to create more awareness of the risks and dangers involved on the road, both from other drivers and by each driver’s own habits in the car.

“Things happen so fast out on the road,” Douglas added. “You can be tired, distracted or have something going on at home or at work that’s preoccupying your mind. Most people don’t realize the importance of having their eyes on what is going on around them.

“What we’re doing is really showing drivers how to be 100% engaged. We’re hoping that after watching this video, every person will walk away focused on driving safety in a way that they weren’t before.”

The video is currently available with promotional pricing here.

For more information, visit or contact Smith System at (800) 777-7648 or [email protected].

 About Smith System

Founded in 1952, Smith System is the nation’s first fleet driver safety training organization. Smith System instructors and certified trainers deliver behind-the-wheel instruction to more than 250,000 drivers annually and serve customers on every continent. Smith has been integrating driver training with telematics, driver scoring metrics and predictive risk analysis since 2012 and provides e-learning and classroom content in 22 languages.