Smith System Offerings Focus on Safety of Bus and Transit Drivers and Passengers

Arlington, Texas – August 29, 2018  Smith System’s latest instructional package, Driving the 5 Keys: Bus & Transit, expands its safe driving principles to drivers operating transit and school buses, paratransit vehicles and motor coaches. More than 700 million people ride various types of public transit vehicles every year, and the need for driver safety training is more important than ever.

“Vehicles are becoming safer, yet fatal crashes for large trucks and buses have increased by eight percent in recent years,” said Tony Douglas, president and CEO of Smith System.

“Since there’s more congestion on the roads and drivers have a growing number of distractions, it’s imperative for bus drivers to know and apply the right safety precautions to keep themselves, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists out of harm’s way.”

To address the unique challenges these drivers face, Smith System developed a collection of Bus & Transit products and services, including:

• Bus & Transit DriverDirect®and DriverTrainer™Courses
• Driving the 5Keys: Bus & Transit video (available on USB or DVD)
• Driving the 5Keys: Bus & Transit E-Learning Course
• Driving the 5Keys Bus & Transit Study Guide*
• Driving the 5Keys Bus & Transit Presentation*

*For use in DriverDirect® courses and purchase by Smith System Certified Driver Trainers.

The Bus & Transit collection teaches bus drivers how to use The Smith5Keys® to create a safer environment inside and around the bus. It also provides valuable tips for drivers who have to maneuver through construction and traffic, arrive on time to scheduled stops and handle changing weather conditions — all while maintaining a safe environment for their passengers.

Topics include:

• Safely navigating around construction and traffic
• Monitoring weather and road conditions
• Slow acceleration and stopping speeds
• Large blind spots
• Wide turns
• Adhering to schedules
• Monitoring and assisting passengers getting on and off the bus

Getting The Keys to Bus Safety

By explaining how The Smith5Keys apply specifically to the unique challenges of bus environments, Driving the 5 Keys: Bus & Transit promotes safer driving habits, which lead to greater awareness of what’s happening around the bus, as well as inside of it. Drivers will learn how to create enough space, time and visibility to make better decisions that can help avoid crashes.

“Every mistake a driver makes when operating a bus is magnified in impact,” Douglas said. “When you have a crash, it affects more passengers, vehicles and other drivers. In every way, it’s critical that bus drivers have the best training in order to make the best decisions possible.”

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About Smith System

Founded in 1952, Smith System is the nation’s first fleet driver safety training organization. Smith System instructors and certified trainers deliver behind-the-wheel instruction to more than 250,000 drivers annually and serve customers on every continent. Smith has been integrating driver training with telematics, driver scoring metrics and predictive risk analysis since 2012 and provides e-learning and classroom content in 22 languages.