Is e-learning or behind-the-wheel training right for you? Find out with our comparison guide.

On-Road and Classroom Training


The common response we hear in each of our one-day on-road driver safety courses is, “I always thought of myself as a good driver. This has been a real eye-opener on what I did not know.” The second most heard comment is, “I want to teach this to my children.” The Smith5Keys are five straightforward concepts that are simple to learn, easy to remember and very effective in changing your driving behaviors. It is not an overstatement to say that this on-road course is life-changing.


Many companies are large enough to warrant their own training staff. The DriverTrainer program is a way to assure that your trainers are teaching the most effective driver safety content. Then, to assure they are staying fresh on the latest information in Smith System training material, we require each trainer to attend a recertification course every two years.