A Better Way


A Better Way

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Defining The Smith 5 Keys

Simply stated, the Smith System is A Better Way to drive. Hosted by actor George Kennedy, this enlightening video explores the effectiveness of the 5 Keys system and our Space, Visibility and Time concepts as they relate to protecting drivers from the many dangers and hazards associated with the operation of a motor vehicle.


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SSD-101SVDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCSmall VehiclesEnglish
SSD-101SV PALDVD Video DiskEurope PALSmall VehiclesEnglish
SSD-101TDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCTrucksEnglish
SSD-101T PALDVD Video DiskEurope PALTrucksEnglish
SSD-101T SPDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCTrucksSpanish


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Dimensions7.5 x 5.3 x 0.5 in