Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Study Guide

  • Smith System Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Study Guide


These study guides are designed to enhance your students’ understanding and retention of both the classroom and behind-the-wheel backing and parking concepts as you deliver the most effective driver training available on the market today. This study guide contains several features.

A quiz is included to aid in learner retention, as well as identify and correct any misunderstanding of the curriculum. This quiz may be detached (fold first at perforation) from the booklet prior to testing. There are several methods for administering the quiz:

  1. Round-robin: The trainer asks questions aloud to stimulate a group discussion of the questions and correct answers based on the presentation.
  2. Conventional: Students complete the quiz individually; the trainer then collects and reviews the quizzes.
  3. Group: Students complete the quiz individually; once completed, they then pass the completed quiz to a neighbor and the group delivers the correct answers through discussion.
  4. Open book: Students may review The Smith5Keys® materials when necessary, to verify their answers.

Following The Smith5Keys® training pages, there are three pages dedicated to the Close Quarter Maneuvering Exercises. These pages are helpful as you introduce, practice, and evaluate each exercise.

A detachable, two-part Driver Evaluation Form (CQME) is included to aid in learning. Keep in mind, this evaluation form is a learning tool. Following each exercise, be mindful that your review is fair, accurate and positive, as outlined in your DriverTrainer® Manual. The goal is to provide drivers the tools to make better parking decisions and have a better understanding of vehicle operation when reversing is the only option. The white copy remains in the student’s study guide as a reference. The yellow copy detaches (fold first at perforation) to document the training.

Included in this Close Quarter Maneuvering Study Guide is a Certificate of Completion to be completed by you upon the successful conclusion of the training day (detach by folding at first at perforation). If the student does not pass, the certificate, along with all quizzes, should be removed and retained and further training rescheduled.

On the back cover is a Smith5Keys® Backing static decal. Applied to students’ windshield, it will be an everyday reminder of the principles of Space Cushion Driving.

Available in English only.

Min quantity: 25 copies

This product is available for purchase by certified trainers who have taken the Advanced Backing, Parking & Close Quarter Maneuvering class.


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