DriverTrainer Starter Kit (Discounted Rate)

  • Smith System DriverTrainer Starter Kit


DriverTrainer Starter Kit

The Driver Trainer Starter Kit provides everything a Certified Driver Trainer needs for classroom and behind-the-wheel training for up to 50 drivers.

In addition to 50 Driver Study Guides, this kit includes: “Driving The 5 Keys” and “The 5 Keys to Backing Safely” in the Small and Mid-Size Vehicle and Truck and Large Vehicle version and “Driving The 5 Keys – Bus & Transit” and “Driving Drowsy” in the Bus & Transit version.

Six clipboards are included to help make completing Driver Evaluation Forms and quizzes easier for students, and the kit also includes 50 Smith System pens. A Smith System briefcase is included for stylish and easy transport of your training materials


Available: DVD: SSK-DTK-SV Small Vehicle, SSK-DTK-T Truck, SSK-DTK-B Bus & Transit

                   USB: SUK-DTK-SV Small Vehicle, SUK-DTK-T Truck, SUK-DTK-B Bus & Transit

This product is available for purchase by certified trainers only. 

Additional information

Weight 17.4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5.5 in