Driving Weather


Driving Weather

Each year, almost half a million people are injured in weather-related crashes, resulting in nearly 6,000 deaths. Almost one-quarter of all traffic collisions are related to bad weather, and the majority occur on wet pavement during rainfall. Other conditions such as snow and ice, fog, smoke, wind, and flooding also impact roadways.

The Driving Weather course is designed to help fleet drivers adapt their driving habits to inclement weather and its effects on visibility and traction — and to protect themselves from other drivers — using The Smith5Keys®, Smith System’s proven driving methodology.

These skills include looking ahead to assess road and driving conditions, checking mirrors frequently while maintaining the proper following distance and avoiding sudden braking, hydroplaning and loss of control. All through creating the space, visibility and time to make better driving decisions.

The course also covers the importance of setting up for good visibility by regularly replacing wiper blades and ensuring that all headlights, mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, and defrosters are clean and working properly.

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