Out of Harm’s Way


Out of Harm’s Way

Product Description

Advanced 3-D technology recreates the collisions for class analysis 

Years of experience have taught us that student participation and driver “buy in” are vital to any successful driver safety training program. Our Out of Harm’s Way video has been designed specifically to achieve both. After a brief outline of Smith System’s 5 Keys, three drivers are interviewed with regard to typical traffic collisions. As the drivers describe their circumstances, each collision is recreated using advanced 3-D animation. This engaging technology allows each incident to be observed as if the viewer was actually present at the original collision.


Product Versions


SSD-150SVDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCSmall VehiclesEnglish
SSD-150SV PALDVD Video DiskEurope PALSmall VehiclesEnglish
SSD-150TDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCTrucksEnglish
SSD-150TSPDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCTrucksSpanish
SSD-150TFDVD Video DiskUSA NTSCTrucksFrench
SSD-150T PALDVD Video DiskEurope PALTrucksEnglish
SUS-150SVUSB StickUSA NTSCSmall VehiclesEnglish

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