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Outside the Box

Smith System’s accident prevention video helps drivers benefit from tremendous safety advantages

Drivers who know how to place their vehicles in traffic to maximize their space, their visibility and the time they have to make critical driving decisions have a tremendous safety advantage. In this latest “5 Key” video, we show drivers how to develop these essential driving skills. From the driver’s point of view, from the air and from a variety of other camera angles, viewers watch an experienced Smith System instructor use our principles to make the driving task easier, less stressful and safer.


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Product Versions
SSD-159SV DVD Video Disk USA NTSC Small Vehicles English
SSD-159SV-PAL DVD Video Disk Europe PAL Small Vehicles English
SSD-159T DVD Video Disk USA NTSC Trucks English
SSD-159V DVD Video Disk USA NTSC Step Van English
SSD-159T-PAL DVD Video Disk Europe PAL Trucks English


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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.3 × 0.5 in