Safety Shorts Volume 2 on DVD


Safety Shorts


This video is the second of a series that provides managers and trainers video segments that can be used in meetings, training sessions or as quick reminders. Each chapter deals with a critical element of safe driving. This volume contains three chapters with information on emotional driving, choosing your company, and distracted driving. Interesting statistics, driving trivia and historical “flashbacks” also keep viewers engaged.

Chapter 1 Emotional Driving (3 minutes 46 seconds)

 Though the danger is impossible to precisely quantify, it has become very clear that drivers operating under the influence of a wide variety of positive and negative emotions can be easily separated from their driving skills. Learn to recognize the dangers and develop effective countermeasures.

Chapter 2 Choose Your Company (5 minutes 12 seconds)

Having traffic near our vehicles is almost inevitable in daily driving. A very useful skill is being able to recognize which drivers in the traffic flow represent the greatest danger to us as we operate our vehicles.

Chapter 3 You Aren’t Multitasking (3 minutes 53 seconds)

Distracted driving is both dangerous and common. Over time, people often come to believe that they are skillful behind‐the‐wheel multitaskers. Viewers learn to understand the difference between multitasking and rapidly shuffling single tasks s they drive.

Three Chapters, 18 minutes and 27 seconds.


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