Safety Shorts Volume 3 on DVD


Safety Shorts


This 18 minute video, entitled Safety Shorts Volume III, has four chapters that cover various topics including the use of traffic patterns to anticipate possible occurrences in your driving future and make earlier, safer decisions, driving in hazardous weather conditions, strategic vehicle placement to promote better decision-making from other drivers, and a simple process for developing the skill of visually leading the vehicle to avoid upcoming problems.

Chapter 1  Around the Bend (2 minutes 52 seconds)

Traffic clusters can provide meaningful clues about what is likely to happen in the near future.  Avoid unnecessary stops and rear-end collisions, improve anticipation skills, overcome the visual barriers that hills and turns in the road surface create and forming and preserving space cushions.

Chapter 2  Foul Weather Driving (3 minutes  33 seconds)

When weather conditions deteriorate, dramatic increases in vehicle collisions are almost inevitable.  Tips include suggestions about speed management, eye activity and flexible guidance to maximize space cushions.

Chapter 3  Don’t Hide (4 minutes 36 seconds)

As proficient as we may have become behind the wheel, we are still frequently vulnerable to the mistakes of others.  This chapter focuses on using strategic vehicle placement to passively encourage safe decision-making among the people who may be traveling in our vicinity.

Chapter 4  Aiming Higher (3 minutes 10 seconds)

Drivers who consistently visually lead their vehicles by at least 15 seconds tend to make significantly fewer driving errors than their less skilled counterparts.  This safety chapter demonstrates a simple drill that enables drivers to quickly master and make habitual this critical safety skill.

Four Chapters, 18 minutes.


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