Safety Shorts Volume 4 on DVD


Safety Shorts


This 16-minute video, Safety Shorts Volume 4, has three chapters that cover various topics including attitude and emotions behind the wheel, tactics for selecting safer parking spots, how to properly manage tailgaters and a powerful review of our Space, Visibility and Time concepts. Interesting statistics, driving trivia and historical “flashbacks” also keep viewers engaged.

Chapter 1 Bringing Attitudes and Emotions Into the Vehicle (5 minutes 39 seconds)

When drivers are emotional, their bodies occupy their vehicles while their minds often travel elsewhere. Learn tips on problem recognition, refocusing techniques and how to use eye activity to promote proper concentration and traffic awareness.

Chapter 2 A Parking Tactic (3 minutes 54 seconds)

Because parking environments can be volatile and unpredictable, drivers should remain engaged and alert as they travel through them. Learn to think ahead and view each parking site as a unique, potentially unstable setting.

Chapter 3 Managing Tailgaters (6 minutes 55 seconds)

Drivers learn about different types of tailgaters and the menace they represent to our safety. They also learn about the disturbing and dangerous effects tailgaters can have on the behavior of the leading drivers.

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