Safety Shorts Volume 6 on DVD


Safety Shorts


This 18-minute video, Safety Shorts Volume 6, has three chapters that cover various topics including eye lead time, inexperienced driving, and the concept of ‘unpacking’ on roadways. Interesting statistics, driving trivia and historical “flashbacks” also keep viewers engaged.

When Following Distance Equals Eye Lead Time (4 minutes 59 seconds)

Following distance and eye-lead-time are two of the main driving concepts at the very foundation of accident-free driving. Even when we are maintaining what most people would consider a proper following distance, our distant vision can be perilously limited.

Inexperience (4 minutes 15 seconds)

When someone says “inexperienced” in a discussion related to drivers, a picture of young, novice drivers often comes to mind. However, there are other hazardous forms of driver inexperience that are often given little thought.Unpacking (6 minutes 16 seconds)There are a wide variety of reasons that packs of traffic form on our roadways. This presentation demonstrates recognizing the situation and dealing with it through easily learned space gathering techniques. Viewers are also taught to leverage traffic isolation to improve the visibility of what lies ahead which may include a variety of challenging traffic situations that occur daily.

Smith System Flashback (1 minute 53 seconds)

An excerpt from a 1967 Smith System video discusses highway vehicle placement techniques that were taught then and that we are still teaching today.

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