Safety Shorts Volume 7 on DVD


Safety Shorts


Chapter 1  Turn Signal Usage and Timing (6 minutes 58 seconds)

Topics and tips:  In our on-road classes, students often proudly announce that they make usage of turn signals a habit.  They view that habit as an advanced driving skill.  We take a different position.  “Habit” can be defined as “an action taken without conscious thought or deliberation.”  Most drivers don’t realize that casual, thought-free signal applications often foster interpretation errors among other motorists and pedestrians.  Though usually well intended, improper signaling can entice onlookers to make dangerous, collision-causing mistakes.  This segment helps drivers understand how to easily, thoughtfully and strategically send signals that will promote a safer driving environment.

Chapter 2  Trust (2 minutes 11 seconds)

Topics and tips:  On any given day, we, as drivers, may be directly exposed to hundreds or thousands of our fellow motorists about whom we know very little.  Not all of those people should be driving.  Many of them will be influenced by alcohol and other drugs, health and fatigue issues, unsafe equipment, a variety of emotions and attitudes, a shortage of driving skills or an astounding mixture of multitasking activities.   Some of them will be operating under a number of those influences while driving beside us or approaching our next intersection.  Because of these people, driving is inherently more dangerous than it should be.  We don’t encourage paranoia, but we do encourage a healthy respect for the danger these motorists represent.  This chapter helps viewers recognize the risks and offers suggestions to help them cope with these ever-present hazards.

Chapter 3  What is the Proper Speed? (5 minutes 50 seconds)

Topics and tips:  Numerous simple, and sometimes complex, decisions are required for every minute of safe driving.  One decision that is consciously or subconsciously made during each of those minutes is:  How fast should I be moving?  Because of the countless road, vehicle, traffic and weather variables, sole reliance upon posted speed limits may not always be entirely safe.  The “flow of traffic” may also be over-relied upon by many as a speed-determining guideline.  While speed limit signs and traffic flows are influential, the best drivers routinely observe and use other important clues in their decision-making processes.  Exceptional drivers are able to analyze the variables and make rapid and dependable decisions about speeds that are appropriate in any given situation.  This chapter arms drivers with techniques and tactics to help them make consistently good speed determinations.

Did You Know?

A brief summary of Smith System’s 5 Keys.

Smith System Flashbacks

An excerpt from a 1964 Smith System video discusses the application of vehicle warning devices to help drivers gain timely attention from other motorists and pedestrians.

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