Safety Shorts Volume 8 on DVD


Safety Shorts


Vehicle Maintenance: An Important Responsibility (3 minutes 36 seconds)

Each day of driving takes a small toll on vehicle condition. Tires and windshield wipers wear, lights burn out, and windows, inside and out, gather dirt and road grime. Maintenance issues throughout the vehicle accumulate mile after mile. Without proper attention, these seemingly minor changes can represent a danger on our roadways. This chapter brings to light the inevitable evolution of vehicle maintenance issues and offers viewers safety guidance, and encouragement to give this important responsibility proper attention.

Health and Driving (5 minutes 26 seconds)

It is easy to take good health for granted. With it, our minds can easily remain alert, our reflexes and responses can be quick and sure, and our judgment is usually dependable. But we all have days during which we are not at our best, and on those occasions, we experience greater behind-the-wheel vulnerability. How is one to know when to go on as usual or when the best decision is to stay off the road? This video segment provides tips that will help drivers make reliable and safe decisions about their health-related roadworthiness. It also presents advice about how to remain out of harm’s way when the decision is made to start the engine.

Aiming High In Turns (6 minutes 16 seconds)

Many experienced, well-trained drivers regularly fall into the predictable and dangerous habit of aiming low before and during their turning maneuvers. From stopped positions and while changing directions at assorted driving speeds, these well-meaning people often reduce their seeing distances and associated reaction times unnecessarily. We acknowledge that there are places in which roadway terrain and man-made objects reduce what can be seen through the windshield, but the dangers we refer to are behavior oriented and quite preventable. This presentation identifies the dangers and offers time-tested techniques that can illuminate the problem and help drivers overcome their risky behavior.

Smith System Flashback (1 minute 12 seconds)

This segment, an excerpt from a 1993 video that outlines our Key 1 concept: Aim High In Steering®, sets up the “Aiming High In Turns” chapter outlined above.

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