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Virtual Instructor Led Training

Virtual DriverSeminar Course

In this course, drivers are taught Smith System concepts in a virtual environment. The course features a mix of instructor-led presentations and E-Learning courses in both forward motion and backing strategies. Trainees complete a series of quizzes to ensure their understanding of the material. During two hours of instruction, the Smith System instructor delivers education centered on:

  • Current U.S. crash statistics and information about common causes of crashes
  • The Smith5Keys to crash prevention
  • Forward motion techniques
  • Backing, parking and close-quarter maneuvering
  • Safer approaches to reversing and parking

Upon completion of the virtual presentation students will be given access to complete the following 4 E-Learning courses:

Driving the 5Keys® (20 minutes)
This course provides drivers with a unique insight into common driving errors.

Driving Reverse (20 minutes)
Driving Reverse shows drivers how they can avoid backing crashes and increase safety while parking and in other backing situations.

Driving Distracted (20 minutes)
Our interactive course, Driving Distracted, educates drivers in the four types of distractions and how the brain processes information then, through an interactive demonstration, proves the concept of multitasking to be a myth.

Driving Drowsy (20 minutes)
Driving Drowsy highlights some of the common misconceptions of drivers about fatigued driving and the dangers drivers face. This training course demonstrates how The Smith5Keys® can help you and your drivers remain alert and combat fatigue before trouble happens.

After passing the 4 E-Learning courses students will complete a final test on the concepts that they learned throughout the day. Upon successful completion of the test students will receive an electronic certificate of completion.


Two-Day Virtual DriverTrainer™ Re-certification

The goal of this course is to review past course content with your certified DriverTrainer, as well as introduce them to techniques and resources they can use to provide initial and refresher training to your fleet’s drivers. The Smith System instructor assesses each trainee’s degree of comfort and competence with the material and works closely with them to improve any areas of deficiency. Each training day involves two, 3-hour Virtual Instructor-led Training sessions.

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