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No safety feature can account for the most unpredictable variable in an automobile: the driver.

If your fleet includes automobiles, you’re in good company. There are more than 200 million automobiles on U.S. roads today, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Despite major advances in safety features, the one variable that’s hardest to predict is driver behavior. Smith System training teaches drivers how to manage common behind-the-wheel problems like distracted driving, fatigue, traffic, weather and construction. The content of our training sessions is easy to learn, simple to apply and can help reduce crashes and save lives.

What Training Is Right for Me?


In Smith System’s DriverDirect courses, certified instructors use a combination of classroom training and behind-the-wheel instruction to demonstrate different behaviors and how they affect one’s driving. Concerned about the logistics of scheduling and implementing this type of hands-on training? Don’t be. Smith System has a team of professionals on hand to help.

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On road driver safety training
Driver Safety Training


Smith System’s train-the-trainer solutions provide your staff with the skills to teach our proven crash-prevention methods to your automobile fleet drivers. Our instructors teach your trainers how to identify drivers’ strengths and areas for improvement. They’ll also learn how to provide personalized, practical and positive solutions to correct any weaknesses.

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Advanced Backing

Driving in reverse is arguably one of the most daunting aspects of operating an automobile, yet it’s one of the most important. How important? Backing crashes amount to 30% to 60% of the total crashes for most fleets. Smith System created the full-day Advanced Backing course for this reason. With this course, your drivers will learn backing, parking and close-quarter maneuvering skills to avoid the most common types of crashes.

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E-Learning Driver Safety Crash Avoidance Training


The Smith System E-Learning catalog of interactive, web-based courses is comprehensive — and constantly growing. And while we believe behind-the-wheel training is the most effective way to change driver behaviors, E-Learning can be a convenient, cost-effective way to provide valuable, annual refresher courses for anyone who has completed DriverDirect™ training. Our engaging courses can be accessed on any device and are available in multiple languages. Plus, management can view results at their convenience.

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Safety & Compliance Consulting

One of the most time-consuming parts of a fleet manager’s job is managing and maintaining compliance. That’s why Smith System offers a comprehensive range of services to help you keep your fleet safe and in compliance. We’ll consult with you on CSA safety measurement system methodology, and cover best practices for accident reporting, record keeping, driver qualification, hours of service, controlled substances and alcohol testing, and more.

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