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Motor Vehicle Records

Your driver’s records speak for themselves, but tracking them down can be difficult. Let Smith System help you access drivers’ records faster and easier.

Find Out Your Drivers’ History – Faster

Two of the most significant predictors of future crashes are previous incidents and the frequency of citations a driver receives. While knowing your drivers’ histories is imperative, finding that information through their motor vehicle records (MVRs) is typically difficult and time-consuming.

For one thing, finding these records usually involves contacting multiple state agencies. Even then, the scoring systems used from one state to the next can vary, which often means you’re comparing apple to oranges.

How It Works

Smith System offers a streamlined process for accessing MVRs. After locating the MVRs, we standardize the scoring systems so you’ll be able to make a fair comparison of driving records. Then you can store and manage all of your drivers’ MVRs on a single platform, so you’ll always have access to them.

What’s In An MVR?

  • Points history over the last 3 years
  • Violations and DUI offenses
  • License status, including license class

Why It Matters

Being able to access your drivers’ MVRs allows you to review employee driving records, comply with DOT MVR review requirements and can help reduce your legal liability. It also can help you identify risky driver behavior so you can take the proper steps to correct it.

As the costs of vehicle crashes for businesses continue rising, it’s more important than ever to have safe, skilled drivers behind the wheel. With our MVR reporting service, you can identify potential problems and prevent them from occurring.

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