Not only is the training effective from a business point of view; it’s also effective from an employee relations point of view. It’s a win/win. We’ve been with Smith since day one, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Mike Wagner, DHL Express

National Grid

Over time, National Grid has watched the number of crashes decline and noticed that drivers are receptive to the training and enthusiastic about how it helps them become more skilled behind the wheel. Our preventable collisions have gone down every year since we started providing Smith System, and since we’ve made it part of our policy, those preventable collisions are 33% lower.

— National Grid

Bimbo Bakeries

I saw a young boy come out of a driveway on his bike right into the path of my vehicle. … I know if I had been doing anything except using the Smith System 5 Keys to safe driving, this ‘near miss’ would have resulted in serious injuries or even a fatality. This was a great example of how the Smith System is saving lives.

— Bimbo Bakeries Corporation

Acme Brick

In the last two years of implementation at Acme, our Southeast region reported 75% reduction in hard brake incidents within a year of completing the Smith training. In a recent accident in the Dallas area, one of our drivers reported that his Smith training allowed him to respond more quickly and avoid the potential for more significant damage or possible injury. In countless meetings over the last two years, I have heard managers and drivers alike remark how the training has made them a safer driver and they have been carrying the lessons home to their family.

— Acme Brick

Bolt express

“As a Safety Manager for a Time-Critical Transportation and Logistics Management shipping company, I have personally seen the impact and benefits of Smith System training for our drivers and company. The frequency and severity of accidents has decreased over the years of Smith System implementation. Our Safety and Driver Trainers are currently certified in Smith System training systems, and we include Smith System with every new commercial orientation driver we bring on.”   

— Dan Henry of Bolt Express


We’ve decreased our incidents by half. The severity of incidents has been greatly reduced… I’m so lucky that we found Smith. It’s been a great partnership.

Joe Rios, Lone Star Coaches


This class was informative, interesting and absolutely 100% useful!

— Austin Powder Company of Asheville, NC

This is the single most important safety program we have implemented in a very long time.

— Revere Gas Incorporated of Hartfield, VA

Better training … better drivers, that’s what Smith System has delivered to Lipari Foods. Thank you for your efforts.

— Lipari Foods Operating Company LLC of Warren, MI

There are 100 vehicle related fatalities per day / 36,000 per year throughout the US with the greatest cause being driver inattention. Schlouch trains over 100 of its team members each year using the Smith System Driver Training. Schlouch experienced a decrease in vehicle accidents by 70% following the first year of driver training. The Smith System Driver Training supports our mission for every team member to RETURN HOME SAFE EVERY DAY.

— Schlouch Incorporated

We would like to thank Smith System for helping us develop a comprehensive program to get our surveyors the training they need. We look forward to continuing this program to develop a stronger driving skill set for the rest of our staff and developing better habits for all of us while driving, whether for work or with our families.

— Sabine Surveyors of New Orleans, LA

In our first year after training our drivers with the 5 Keys of the Smith System, we saw an overall reduction in accidents by 50%. DOT preventable accidents were reduced to near 0% companywide. These amazing numbers are 100% attributable to the training and teaching given to our drivers by the Smith System.

— Quickway Carriers of Nashville, TN

The awareness that the Smith System program has brought to our driver staff of over 175 is nothing short of a miracle. With the reduction in accidents and savings in deductibles, counseling team members and insurance improvements, we have paid for the cost of investment in the Smith System program. As more time goes on and our driving record improves, the cost of the Smith System continues to fall. This makes it an invaluable investment, an improvement of over 450%. What can you say? THE SMITH SYSTEM WORKS!

— Bon Appetit @ Google of Bay Area, CA

The Smith System is helping us achieve our goal to grow our sales profitably by safely providing the best products and service available. Safety is an integral part of our mission, and our goal is for all of our employees to receive Smith training even if they do not drive a company vehicle.

— Herr’s Foods Incorporated of Nottingham, PA

In the mid-1980s, we began searching for a better program. It has been my pleasure to teach Smith driving to our employees for the last three decades. Smith driving works.

— Oncor Electric Delivery Company of Arlington, TX

Numerous times I have had drivers remark how the training they received has opened their eyes to what is going on around them. We are a bulk milk hauler pulling smooth bore tank trailers. It requires a higher level of skill and constant attention from our drivers. The Smith System training helps the drivers attain this.

— Western Dairy Transport LLC of Cabool, MO

Our driver trainers devote a huge portion of their road training hours on the 5 Keys. No doubt many of the state and national awards won by our fleet are a direct result of the skills our drivers now have with Smith System training.

— Milan Express Company of Milan, TN

Nick Strimbu Inc. has had phenomenal success with the Smith System for over a decade now. Our drivers have witnessed a significant decrease in accidents and incidents with this proven system.

— Nick Strimbu Incorporated of Brookfield, OH

The description of what happened and the photo of the accident scene clearly shows how his driving experience and Smith System training helped him avoid tragedy. We continue to have complete confidence that Smith System has worked to decrease the number of vehicle collisions we have experienced and, more importantly, kept our employees safe behind the wheel.

— Sysco Foods Services West Coast Florida Inc. of Palmetto, FL

After completing the Smith System training in June 2012, we reduced our preventable bus accident frequency 47% as compared to the prior years’ results. More importantly, we have not incurred a DOT-reportable collision since conducting the training, whereas in calendar year 2011 we had six DOT-reportable collisions.

— National Express Corporation of Cave Creek, AZ

Since our company incorporated the Smith System Driver Safety Course into our training program nearly 10 years ago, we have seen a significant decrease in accidents company wide. I’m confident that Smith System training helps them to overcome their day-to-day challenges.

— Labatt Food Service Incorporated of Dallas, TX

I would like to say that the training I received last week in the Smith System class in Orlando was the best training experience I have been to in my 36 years in the trucking business. I know from my own personal experience, my wife told my two older daughters that it seemed like someone else took over their dad’s body, and she didn’t ride in a tensed-up state on the trip from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale.”

— Palm Express Incorporated of Sunrise, FL

I strongly believe that using the 5 Keys will save money, collisions and most importantly lives. When we first started, Dave wanted us to rate ourselves as drivers. We all came to realize that we were way too generous in rating ourselves as the training continued.

— Team Fishel Company of Richmond, VA

The results, both personally and professionally, have been rather profound. We have seen our incident rate drop to a relatively small single-digit number.

— El Paso Disposal of El Paso, TX

The Smith System driver improvement training techniques have helped reduce Lextran’s accident rate 10.2% the first year and an additional 38% the second year. We have received such positive feedback from our training department and operators about how the 5 Keys are a part of their daily driving routine, not only at work but also when not working.

— Lextran Company of Lexington, KY

With humbleness I am so happy to share that our Teichert Mobile Equipment Division completed our April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, fiscal year with zero accidents. The incredible employees in our division drove over one million miles, in varying traffic challenges and weather conditions.

— A. Teichert & Son Incorporated of Sacramento, CA

First and foremost, the class was very informative and well presented. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this worthwhile training.

— Bay County of Panama City, FL

He makes the Smith System so interesting and fun all at the same time. At the [DriverTrainer 2-day class], our challenge to Bruce was to help guide our trainers through that seven-year itch, so to speak. Bruce fashioned the refresher training perfectly for our needs here at Oregon Oldcastle Materials.

— River Bend Sand and Gravel Company of Salem, OR

Since introducing the Smith System driver system concepts to this team of drivers at West Valley Construction, we’ve seen a steady reduction in ‘at-fault’ incidents. This downward trend is exciting to see when total mileage has been trending upward.

— West Valley Construction Company of Campbell, CA

Lou (a Smith System instructor) kept the class lively and interesting as he shared anecdotes, short stories and funny one-liners in delivering a very serious and important message of living the 5 Keys.

— Werner Enterprises of Allentown, PA

Union Pacific is divided up by regions. The Western Region was the first to roll out the Smith System training, and because of our very promising results, the remaining regions are now in the process of implementing the training. We are very excited to see the rapid decline in vehicle collisions, and now as we near the completion of the initial training, we are going to sustain what we have.

— Union Pacific Railroad of Omaha, NE

We implemented the Smith System approximately 2 years ago. We have had significant decrease in minor and major chargeable incidents. Our team of 90 drivers receive the full on-road and classroom one time per year and a refresher classroom course every 6 months.

— Valicor Environmental Services of Dexter, MI

We use the program in a variety of ways and know that the skills it promotes help give our driving talent the tools that they need to be safe drivers.

— Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc, of Warren, MI

The response from our employees was overwhelmingly positive with your course. We had 100% employee participation with the driver’s training over the past few weeks. We are always planning for the future, and looking to include Rob Seabaugh for a Smith System Update for our employees next year. Again, we thoroughly enjoyed the Smith System Driving Course with Rob Seabaugh.

— SEMO Electric Cooperative of Sikeston, MO

Our national footprint employs over 1,500 technicians and since the company-wide adoption of Smith System driver training earlier this year, we have seen significant benefits, including a reduction of auto incidents, increased fuel efficiencies and an overall increase in productivity from our drivers.

— Lear Heaslet, DirectSat USA

With the addition of Smith System and its collision-avoidance programs, we have significantly reduced our preventable accident rates by over 60%.

— Aaron Miller, truenorth Trucking

After completing the Smith System training in July 2020 and implementing the 5 keys as part of our standardized operating procedures across our fleet, we reduced our preventable vehicle accidents frequency 51% as compared to the prior years’ results. More importantly, the drivers are using these techniques while driving their personal vehicles because they work so much!!!!  Thank You Smith System!!

— UPMC of Pittsburg, PA

As you can see in the graph, we are trending in the right direction due to the training the drivers receive here at Collins and the Fleet Maintenance and repair regiment we instituted. The cornerstone to the safety training is the Smith System driving course.

— Collins Brothers Moving Corporation of Dulles, VA

I was able to improve in areas that I was not the strongest in teaching and continue to thrive in areas I feel very comfortable with.

— Cargill Turkey and Cooked Meats of Harrisonburg, VA

I want to thank Smith System for the training system that has transformed our company’s driving habits — including my own. As far back as 20 years ago, I was introduced to and became a Smith System trainer. My experience, both in the student and instructor roles, has been nothing short of life changing, at least while driving a vehicle. Additionally, my three children were taught to drive using Smith System techniques.

— Frank Notarangelo, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation

Prior to the implementation of Smith System’s 5 Keys, our vehicle incident rate, as it relates to preventable vehicle accidents, was around 8 accidents per million miles driven. Oklahoma Natural Gas drives approximately 18 million miles per year. We have experienced gradual improvements in our drivers’ performance.

— Oklahoma Natural Gas Company of Oklahoma City, OK

In the almost 20 years since we started training and using the Smith System, we have evaluated other defensive driving systems but continue to find that the Smith System 5 Keys to Defensive Driving, focusing on maintaining a space cushion, to be the most effective and efficient.

— Roy Hauliers Ltd

Not only have we seen benefits in retention of the 5 Keys, but we are also witnessing better driving habits and improved handling of the buses. Smith System training has also allowed us to diagnose each driver’s strengths and weaknesses while behind the wheel. We are also enjoying the benefit of improved fuel mileage.

— Bliss Charters

“As a Safety Manager for a Time-Critical Transportation and Logistics Management shipping company, I have personally seen the impact and benefits of Smith System training for our drivers and company. The frequency and severity of accidents has decreased over the years of Smith System implementation. Our Safety and Driver Trainers are currently certified in Smith System training systems, and we include Smith System with every new commercial orientation driver we bring on.”   

— Bolt Express

We are very pleased with the Smith System product and the overall outcome of our training efforts. While driver training may seem like a simple straight forward topic, the Smith System brings new light to successful driving habits. Our employees regularly compliment the training and given the reduction in collisions rates, it is apparent that they’re putting their new knowledge to use.

-City of Bowling Green

For over 18 years, Ozark Motor Lines has been training its drivers with the Smith System 5 Keys. Ozark has seen its CSA Crash Indicator score reduce over the years from a high of 94 to a current low of 51 (on a threshold of 65). Anyone who has ever learned the 5 Keys and used them in their personal driving can see how effective they are in preventing crashes. Thus it is and always will be a part of training for all drivers at Ozark.

-Ozark Motor Lines