Three Objectives for a Seasoned Fleet Safety Management Team

Fleet driver safety stands unparalleled in significance for professionals dedicated to ensuring safe driving practices. With approximately 20% of fleet driver safety standing unparalleled in significance for professionals dedicated to ensuring safe driving practices. 

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Mastering Tight Spaces: 6 Essential Tips for Navigating Heavy Haul Trucks

Maneuvering in close quarters is a challenge in any situation, but the larger the vehicle, the greater the challenge.

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Seat belts are Cheap Insurance

It might seem obvious that seatbelts are one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure safety for drivers and passengers in vehicles on the road.

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Back-To-School Safety guide: Hazards Every Driver Must be Aware of

Parents and teachers spend a lot of time reminding students to practice safety when walking or riding their bikes to school. However, students aren’t the only ones who need to brush up on their safety skills as a new school year begins. It’s imperative for drivers to reacquaint themselves with safe driving practices, too.

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The essentials of a fleet safety program

Safety is always top of mind for every driving safety professional — for many reasons. From a cost standpoint, vehicle collisions rate as some of the most expensive workplace accidents, according to the   National Safety Council, costing as much as $1.4 million per incident.

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All Chem Puts Driver's Safety First with Smith System

When it comes to highway safety, All Chemical is committed to achieving the highest standards in excellence. With these standards at the forefront of their efforts to surpass industry safety benchmarks, All Chemical has enlisted the help of Smith System® DriverDirect™ training to ensure that their drivers are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle anything that happens on the road. 

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School Bus Driver Safety Tips

Safety behind the wheel should be top of mind for every driver.

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How to avoid intersection crashes

You’ve driven through intersections countless times daily without incident, but, it happens to be one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel. More than 50% of the combined total of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections, according to the Federal Highway Administration.   

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Global Road Safety
Global Road Safety

Welcome to Global Road Safety, a podcast exploring the issues, trends, and innovations in driver safety worldwide. More than 2.5 million people are involved in crashes each year, a number that continues to rise as drivers become more distracted behind the wheel.

Featuring interviews with safety experts and leaders, Global Road Safety is an initiative to reduce crashes and save lives — across every continent. The Global Road Safety podcast is produced by Smith System, the leader in advanced driver safety training.

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Improving Road & Rail Safety in Ghana with Eric Nyame-Baafi
byTony Douglas, Nate Hansen, Eric Nyame-Baafi

There’s a real need to improve road safety in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, says Eric Nyame-Baafi, a road safety consultant for the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety in Ghana. 

“A total of 650 people die on African roads every day. A child in Africa is twice as likely to die on the road as a child in any other part of the world.”

In this latest episode of Global Road Safety, Eric discusses Ghana’s initiatives to improve railway and road safety:

“The Government of Ghana is keen in rehabilitating existing railway lines in order for some of the traffic on the road to shift to rail and in doing that is going to reduce the number of accidents,”

And explains why public education is badly needed to improve driver behavior and road safety in Ghana:

“Even though drivers recognize the need for Road Safety Education, I think the education has to be geared towards changing the behavior patterns, I mean, in terms of speeding, and in terms of drunk driving.”

Improving road safety in Ghana would improve the lives of millions of people; and that means focusing on engineering, enforcement and education. To find out more, download and listen to Eric on this latest episode now. 

On today’s podcast:

  • How Ghana’s government is shifting traffic from road to rail
  • Why Ghana plans to establish a transportation regulatory body
  • Initiatives to improve driver skills
  • Why improving road safety will improve the lives of millions
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