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What Does Unsafe Driving Cost You?


per fatal crash
(plus incalculable emotional costs)


per non-fatal crash


per vehicle damaged

Data source: 2019 Nets Cost of Crashes Report


Advance driver training programs based on The Smith5Keys®


We come to your site to conduct classroom and on-road training with the reinforcement of a certified instructor. By learning in real world scenarios, drivers are better able to replicate their skills on the job.


Our train-the-trainer certifications provide your staff with the skills to teach our proven crash-prevention methods to your fleet drivers. Training can be conducted at your location, no matter where you are in the world.


Our DrivingDynamics program provides drivers with substantially increased abilities to control a vehicle in emergency situations.

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Smith System fleet-management tools allow you to track fleet vehicles and monitor driver behavior with GPS location and telematics, then store and manage the data you collect in a single, powerful platform.


What are The Smith5Keys®?

Key 1. Aim High In Steering®

Key 2. Get The Big Picture®

Key 3. Keep Your Eyes Moving®

Key 4. Leave Yourself An Out®

Key 5. Make Sure They See You®


One of the best services that Smith System has is the behind-the-wheel component because that really takes it out of the classroom and into the real world. Making sure that those concepts are applied in a real-world setting, in a semi-controlled environment, with an instructor there coaching the drivers and providing feedback is very beneficial.

— Rob Helstrom, Penske Logistics

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Our History

In 1952, Harold Smith established Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, the nation’s first professional driver training company. He understood that most crashes are preventable if the right driving habits are learned, practiced and applied consistently. Since then, millions of drivers throughout the world have benefited from the program he developed.

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At Smith System, driver safety doesn’t have borders.

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