Smith System Introduces Distracted Driving E-Learning Course

Arlington, Texas – March 22, 2012Driving Distractions no words – Smith System, the global leader in professional driver training for 60 years, has introduced a comprehensive training course dedicated solely to the dangers of distracted driving. The course, entitled Distracted Driving, is available now.

The Distracted Driving E-Learning course introduces a new web-based format that will be the platform for future Smith System content. It presents content-rich and compelling information on the use of cell phones and other handheld devices while driving, a topic that has been identified as the leading cause of collisions and highway fatalities. The course is also unique in the way it addresses the broader spectrum of distractions both inside and outside the vehicle. Your drivers may abide by your corporate policy of “no cell phone use” while driving, but drivers sharing the highway may not.

Many people are working on various forms of legislation regarding distracted driving and we appreciate their focus on this important issue. We are taking a different approach,” said Tony Douglas, CEO of Smith System. “Our experience suggests that change will not come from passing more laws. We think positive change will come from educating drivers in the dynamics of operating a vehicle at speed and the potential consequences of a momentary lapse in concentration or loss of visual contact while driving. We know that fleet safety professionals, government, and the general public are all hungry for behavior-changing content on this very important topic.

For a preview of the Distracted Driving driver training course and to learn more about your ordering options go to the Smith System website at or call Smith System directly at 800-777-7648.