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Driver & Fleet Management

Smith System fleet-management tools allow you to track fleet vehicles and monitor driver behavior with GPS location and telematics, then store and manage the data you collect in a single, powerful platform. 


Driver Management Program

By combining onboard diagnostics with a GPS system, Smith360™ telematics allows you to better manage your fleet. Smith360 takes it full-circle by offering monitoring, analysis, reporting, intervention and training. Plus, ours is the only telematics program tied directly to driver safety training.

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Driving Metrics

The amount of data gathered through telematics is overwhelming, but it can be quite powerful — if you can manage and use it easily. That’s where the Smith System KeySix™ program comes in. KeySix allows you to log information about individual drivers, such as driving history, license status, on-road behaviors and training status.

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driver safety training
SmithSafe vehicle decal program

Vehicle Decal Program

The SmithSafe™ program is a simple, affordable way to gather feedback about your drivers from other motorists. The Smith System team can then identify problem driving behaviors and recommend solutions.

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