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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Make sure your pharmaceutical sales representatives’ driving skills are as exceptional as their sales skills.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives spend much of their day in the car, driving from one doctor’s office to the next. They need driver safety training that will help them meet the high expectations set by their employer and their clients.

What Training Is Right for Me?


Keep your fleet safe with Smith System’s DriverDirect program. This driver safety course combines classroom and behind-the-wheel training to help your pharmaceutical sales representatives make better decisions on the road. An effective method of reducing crash costs and saving lives, the training uses The Smith5Keys® to teach safe driving practices. To accommodate representatives throughout the country, we offer multi-company classes at many locations.

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DriverDirect for Pharmaceutical Fleet


For companies with in-house driver trainers — or for those wanting to develop an in-house program — we offer the DriverTrainer course. We equip trainers with the knowledge and skills they need to teach safe driving strategies and to personalize material to each driver’s strengths and weaknesses. This course is available in four- or five-day sessions.

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With pharmaceutical representatives’ long hours and busy schedules, finding time for training can be difficult. Smith System offers e-learning as a convenient training method, so drivers can move through lessons anywhere on their own time. While SmithE-Learning℠ cannot replace the value of behind-the-wheel training, it’s an effective reinforcement tool for safe driving practices.

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Advanced Backing

Smith System’s Advanced Backing course focuses on the most common causes of crashes: backing, parking and close-quarter maneuvering. Through this all-day course, your drivers will learn proper safe backing techniques to reduce crashes and improve safety.

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Safety & Compliance Consulting

Stay within DOT compliance with Smith System safety consulting. Whether you’re a driver manager or a safety supervisor, we can help you keep your safety rating high. Talk to us about our two- and five-day courses to stay within driving regulations.

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