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Light- and Medium-Duty Trucks

Safety features once limited to automobiles are finding their way into light- and medium-duty trucks. This doesn’t necessarily mean your drivers are safer. 

Crash-mitigation systems, camera systems and even in-cab coaching systems are increasingly popular in light- and medium-duty trucks. While this technology is helpful, no gadget or system can change poor driving habits. Smith System training can help your drivers create enough time and space to avoid crashes, whether they’re driving a light-duty pickup truck or an articulated flatbed truck.

What Training Is Right for Me?


Classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training go hand-in-hand for drivers of light- and medium-duty trucks. In DriverDirect courses, your drivers will learn the concepts of safer driving techniques, and then put them to practice on the road with one of our certified instructors. What’s more, Smith System helps handle the scheduling and logistics.

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Personalized driver safety training for fleets


In our train-the-trainer courses, Smith System’s certified instructors teach your in-house training team how to implement our crash-prevention methods among your fleet drivers. Participants in DriverTrainer courses learn how to spot drivers’ weaknesses and to provide personalized, positive solutions to correct them.

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Advanced Backing

We know that backing crashes account for a significant portion of total crashes for most fleets, including those with light- and medium-duty trucks. That’s why we created Advanced Backing — a full-day course covering backing, parking and close-quarter maneuvering. In this course, your drivers will learn behaviors to help them avoid the most common types of backing crashes.

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Smith System recommends annual refreshers for all drivers in your fleet, and our E-Learning catalog offers a convenient, cost-effective way to do this. While there’s no better way to improve driving behaviors than behind-the-wheel training, E-Learning courses are a valuable enhancement to that real-world experience. Our web-based courses are engaging, comprehensive and interactive. Plus, they’re accessible on virtually every device and offered in dozens of languages — and management can review the results at their convenience.

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Safety & Compliance Consulting

In addition to training, Smith System offers a range of consulting services to help fleet managers maintain ever-changing compliance standards. Whether you’re looking specifically for DOT compliance consulting or general safety consultations, Smith System can help.

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